In-Home Advertising

In-Home Advertising (addressed or unaddressed advertising mail) is an essential media for increasing your Pulse Score and building or improving the relationship with your clients. This is why:

In-Home Advertising enters the home

In-Home Advertising brings your brand into the heart of the home, onto the kitchen or living-room table, right where decisions are made. And when In-Home Advertising campaigns are well-targeted, personalised and their content is relevant to the people receiving it, it has been proven that attachment and loyalty to the brand greatly benefit!

In-Home Advertising is very well accepted

Our Ad’titude survey, carried out in 2018, clearly demonstrated that, generally speaking, In-Home Advertising was particularly well accepted. In-Home Advertising is not perceived as invasive and is generally synonymous with relaxation and enjoyment. People take the time to read the mail, ads and personalised offers that have been sent to them while they drink their coffee. This means attention is optimal.

Whether you use IHA alongside other media or as a stand-alone, you will notice that the ability to generate a high ROI, as well as enhance client relations, is still as important.

In-Home Advertising speaks to emotions

Several scientific and university studies using the latest neuroscience techniques (among others, IRM technologies) have clearly indicated the significant differences between paper and digital. The emotional impact of paper is much more efficient, and therefore significantly improves brand memorisation and the message itself.

In-Home Advertising is rewarding

There is more consideration for paper mail, particularly compared to e-mails. People receiving paper mail feel rewarded and important and truly feel that they are considered as an individual. (Source: In-Home Advertising customer experience study, GFK Belgium).

Discover impactful cases and easy tips & tricks on how to add In-Home Advertising in your relational mix.

In-Home Advertising is very efficient

All indicators (opening, memorisation and response rates, along with reading time and lifespan of the media and the message) show that In-Home Advertising is considerably more efficient than e-mails. Not only are the direct results that it generates far higher, but it also has a greater impact in increasing attachment and loyalty to a brand.

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